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Mosturoğlu & Çopuroğlu Legal Services provides professional legal advice to its clients in accordance with their needs in the sectors in which they operate in. Our services include preparation of contracts on all matters that companies need, participation in contract negotiations, follow-up of establishment procedures, holding General Assembly meetings, legal audit of Board of Directors and General Assembly resolutions, share transfer and capital increases and providing consultancy on main contract revisions, Capital Market Legislation, unfair competition and consumer legislation. Mosturoğlu & Çopuroğlu Legal Services determines the needs of companies and reports to company officials and provide them with customized legal services.

Within the framework of the issues determined by our Law Office, the new Turkish Commercial Code is also evaluated and the adaptation process of the companies to the changing legislation is carried out. During the harmonization process, special trainings are given to company officials and related units. All kinds of legal amendments made in the field of Company & Commercial Law are communicated to the clients in both Turkish and English versions upon their publication in the Official Gazette of Republic of Turkey.

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