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Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services provides general consultancy for insurance companies, insurance brokers and insurance reinsurance companies, policyholders and other policy beneficiaries operating in the fields of accident, loss, liability, transportation, credit and financial risks, health, pension and life insurance, with a professional business approach in the field of insurance law. Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services provides legal follow-up and legal consultancy services on many issues.

The scope of the preventive consultancy services provided before the loss is inter alia as follows;

  • Determination and evaluation of the value to be insured;

  • Reducing insurance exemptions in favor of the client;

  • Identification of beneficiaries by securing compensation conditions; and

  • Establishment of repayment terms

As Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services, we represent our clients in the best way with all kinds of dispute resolution methods after the damage has been

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