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Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services provides legal support in terms of drafting trademark license agreements and pursuing lawsuits arising from intellectual property infringement by representing the authors, brand owners and brand users within the scope of intellectual property law.

Consultancy services provided by Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services within the scope of intellectual property law are inter alia as follows:

  • Preparation of brand license and distributorship agreements;

  • Registration of trademarks, utility models and industrial designs;

  • Registering works of art and ideas and transferring copyrights; and

  • Determining employee-employer intellectual property principles depending on employment contracts

The client company employees are also informed through training services provided by professionals, as well as actively involved in the stages of education.

Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services concentrates its further efforts on the use of licensed software, which has a special importance in the field of intellectual property. The scope of the services regarding the use of licensed software are, inter alia, as follows:

  • Registration of software names, trademarks and source codes;

  • Detection of unlicensed use;

  • Ensuring that the necessary legal measures are taken to terminate the use in places where unlicensed use is made depending on the precautionary demands; and

  • Elimination of damages caused by unlicensed use

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