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Within the scope of labor and social security law consultancy, Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services provides legal support to our clients in the status of companies, foundations and associations with respect to the execution of preventive and regulatory services regarding legal risks, as well as following the stages of post-conflict reconciliation and conflict management.

Our team, which specializes in all areas of labor and social security law, offers its clients in line with the grift regulations of the field, inter alia:

  • Preparation of standard or personalized employment contracts and execute intellectual property and unfair competition clauses in accordance with the legislation;

  • Establishing the necessary standards for the creation of employee files;

  • Drafting standard documents and practices regarding labor law (such as workplace regulations, payrolls, embezzlement forms, vehicle usage instructions, overtime, leave forms, documents regarding the establishment and execution of the performance evaluation system, minutes to be drawn up in case of breach of labor contract, defense request, warning penalty. text, notice of termination, acquittal, mutual rescission agreement, documents required in the notification process in case of work accidents, documents to be issued during the collective dismissal process, correspondence with official institutions, etc.),

  • Follow-up of compliance processes within the framework of legislative changes; and

  • Providing preventive and regulatory services in all matters they need legal consultancy.

Consultancy services also include training of human resources departments on a continuous basis, thus aiming to reduce the problems experienced in in-house practices.

The scope of the services provided by Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services at the stage of settlement of disputes before the courts, intermediaries and arbitral tribunals include inter alia legal representation services with respect to:

  • Follow-up of lawsuits regarding employer, worker rights;

  • Execution of pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensation cases for work accidents, SSI recourse and criminal cases (including the employees of the client);

  • Follow-up of cases for the detection and prevention of unfair competition; and

  • Follow-up of disputes arising as a result of inspections carried out by SSI and the Ministry of Labor

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