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Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services has established a structure that focuses on speed and legal security in the field of enforcement and bankruptcy law, within the scope of the importance of the receivables and debts relationship in commercial life and meeting the cash need. Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services provides legal consultancy and attorneyship services to both creditors and debtors within the scope of enforcement law transactions within the framework of collection of receivables, action for performance and other enforcement procedures.

Receivable collection services, among others, include:

  • Investigation of the real assets of the debtors and cancellation of the transactions that reduce the debtor's assets;

  • Detection and reporting of debtor's solvency;

  • Implementation of interim relief orders;

  • Conducting actual foreclosure and sales transactions; and

  • Covering the follow-up of enforcement proceedings regarding goods subject to special regulations such as ships, aircraft and real estate.

Mosturoglu | Çopuroğlu Legal Services offers the following services within the scope of enforcement and bankruptcy law:

  • Enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings and foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings for the collection of receivables arising from all kinds of legal relations;

  • Restructuring between the parties by means of reconciliation and settlement regarding the collection of receivables of foreign clients within the borders of Turkey;

  • Initiating legal proceedings in accordance with the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law in order to collect the receivables of foreign clients within the borders of Turkey;

  • Pursuing follow-ups through the lawyers operating abroad with whom we cooperate for the purpose of collecting the receivables of Turkish clients abroad;

  • Protecting the rights of our clients in enforcement proceedings initiated against them;

  • Establishment of negative determination and restitution cases due to enforcement proceedings initiated against our clients;

  • Substitution of objection and remuneration cases before the Enforcement Law Courts against the enforcement proceedings initiated against our clients;

  • Postponement of bankruptcy;

  • Restructuring through conciliation between debtor and creditor;

  • Initiating enforcement proceedings by converting the mortgage or pledge into cash;

  • Initiation of proceedings without adjudication, substitution of cases for annulment of objection;

  • Initiating follow-ups through foreclosures specific to bills of exchange;

  • Foreclosure proceedings; and

  • Proceedings without adjudication based on loan agreements or insurance policies.

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