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Due the dynamic structure of capital markets legislation, it is regularly followed up by our expert lawyers. In this context, it is of great importance to inform our clients about current developments and practices. As Mosturoğlu & Çopuroğlu Law Firm, we provide consultancy services to issuers, intermediary institutions and regulatory authorities in order to minimize the legal risks of our clients. Our legal consultancy services for capital markets cover many different topics, including:

Public offering and debt instruments;

  • Bidirectional transactions (Mergers & Acquisitions and Public Offering);

  • Reverse quotation;

  • Derivative instruments;

  • Foreign and domestic investment funds;

  • Real estate mutual funds;

  • Structured financing;

  • Venture capital / venture capital investment funds;

  • Licensing of capital market institutions;

  • Providing consultancy services on regulations regarding capital markets;

  • Providing consultancy services on penal regulations related to capital markets; and

  • Execution of investigative processes carried out by capital markets.

  • Legal consultancy and representation concerning capital markets crimes 

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